​Mean Green Sustainable Garden

​Mean Green Sustainable Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 04, 2019

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Mean Green Sustainable Gardens

A sustainable garden may seem like it has been the model for gardening for centuries, but sustainable gardens are not grown the way ordinary gardens are. Normal gardens are fertilized, and technology is used to keep the garden going even when the plants are not faring well. A sustainable garden is one that needs little to no upkeep. A sustainable garden can be managed from year-to-year for little to no money, and the gardens will not need a massive upgrade every few years. Use the tips in this article to grow a sustainable garden that anyone can keep up with.

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#1: Use Perennials

You must plant as many perennials as you can. Plants that will wilt in the winter only to rise again in the spring are an excellent investment for your garden. You will spend less time tending to these plants during the year, and they do not need to be brought in when the weather gets cold. These plants will naturally blossom again when the weather warms up outside. Native grass plants also accents perennials in beds and gardens.

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#2: Compost

Creating your compost heap will help you fertilize your garden without purchasing fertilizer. Commercial fertilizers have chemicals that are going to damage the soil and water. A compost heap will feed your garden without any chemicals, and you will not spend any money creating the compost heap.

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#3: Collect Rainwater

You can gauge and collect rainwater in your garden for watering. The rain that falls during the spring and summer is lost on your flowers most of the time. The water runs off away from the garden, and the plants do not get the water they need if there is no rain for a few days. Set up a container in your yard that you can use to water the flowers several days after the rain falls.

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#4: Grow Food

A sustainable garden is one that you grow for your sustenance. You may grow fruits and vegetables in your garden, and your family can eat naturally from the garden. You will spend less money on groceries, and you will avoid the harmful pesticides that are used to grow new crops on large farms.

Your sustainable garden will serve your family well for many years in the future when it is planned properly. Lay out your garden in the proper manner to ensure you get the most sustainable results possible from your planting. Moss works well in gardens too, help with weed control.