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Low Maintenance Flowering Shrub

Posted by Tammy Sons on Sep 29, 2015

Top Choices For Low Maintence Shrubs

You want your landscaping to be attractive, but you don't want to spend as much time keeping up the look of your yard as you do as work. What's the solution? Consider these low-maintenance shrubs to add both curb appeal that requires minimal upkeep.

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1. Burning Bush

Vibrant red foliage give these bushes their name, and no one will miss them once you add them to your landscape design. The color is as its peak in the fall, and it lasts for months. During spring and summer, burning bushes have a green hue. The burning bush doesn't need constant attention or watering, and it's known for adapting to a variety of environments. Another perk of the burning bush is that it grows up to six feet in height, giving you additional privacy without the need to build a fence.

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2. Viburnums

There are hundreds of shrubs in this family, so you have your pick of plants to match the atmosphere you want when landscaping. Some varieties flower, usually white or pink, while others provide bright-colored berries during the winter. Most of these plants do well in colder environments, which is good news if you experience a true winter. Plant viburnum shrubs and trees in moist, fertile soil that drains well, and you'll be pleased with the results. Viburnums grow between 4 and 15 feet in height and are just as wide, so they can help you make a little job of a big, empty space. They're tolerant to drought and wild animals such as deer, too.

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3. Hydrangea

You're probably familiar with the purple, blue or white blossoms of the hydrangea. However, did you also know that these bushy flowers can be grown in pots as long as the pot sits on soil that allows their roots to expand? Hydrangeas do well in partial to full sun as long as the soil is moist, and they really only need a deep watering on a weekly basis. Rest assured that these plants can go years without requiring that you prune them, too! Note that the Penny Mac variety does require yearly pruning, however.

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Interestingly enough, these plants tend to turn pink in alkaline soil while blue flowers occur when hydrangeas are located in acidic soil. You can adjust your soil for the colors that you'd like.

Crepe myrtles are another great alternative because they need little maintaining to grow