L​ow Maintenance Feng Shui Gardens

Posted by Garden Plants Nursery on Mar 02, 2015

You can make a beautiful Feng Shui-inspired garden without having to devote a lot of time and effort to the project. Do you need tips to create a low maintenance garden with the tranquil look you are dreaming of? Planning and designing are a top priority so this will need to be done before you just go out and buy plants or flowers for the area. To start, you will want to select low maintenance and easy to grow plants and flowers. One may want to choose plants that need little maintaining because after they are established they will not need as much attention from you. Also, choose a groundcover rather than grass. Most are hardy and will grow just about anywhere, even in shady areas. Phlox is a great example and will look amazing no matter where you plant it. Sometimes the grass is just harder to grow, so pick a easy to grow groundcover instead. Also, research and do not choose plants that are vulnerable to disease or pests as this can become quite time-consuming and even costly if you have to replace any plants that are damaged or affected by the outbreak. If you decide to plant annuals, which must be replaced every year, choose ones that are going to work the best in your climate zone for best results and less maintenance. You can even add shrubs if you want. There are many varieties that are low maintenance and just as beautiful. Also, keep in mind to not choose plants that give a lot of waste. For example, apple trees or those that produce pinecones. You will get tired of picking up the ones that fall off the tree, and it will take a lot of time. Next, pick simple structures to place in the garden area. You do not have to paint or stain everything as a natural weathered look goes much better with the Feng Shui theme. If you want a pond, choose a fountain or birdbath instead for less maintenance and clean up. With simple steps, one can have a low maintenance and carefree Feng Shui garden!

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