Landscaping Around Water Gardens

Posted by Dennis Sons on Jul 18, 2014

Water gardens have become more popular with gardeners and landscapers recently and tend to show even more of an interest in years to come. They add and provide that the proper selection of plants and shrubs have been chosen well to accent them. Many plants around the ponds and water gardens grow extremely fast, so that within a few years, you can no longer see the water area. Choosing plants to accent this area will need to be done carefully. You will also want to consider that the plants you add in this area will become larger as they mature, so you will want to be very careful not to over plant. The general rule for landscaping this type of area is to plant the smallest plants closest to the water, and then plants that will be a medium height and lastly, the taller plants. Some of the taller plants are the most beautiful, including the relaxing, swaying ornamental grasses. Good, fast growing ground covers are also a good choice, especially if you are incorporating rocks into the water garden area. 

Ground covers tend to creep and run between the rocks creating a sensational, natural effect. You will also need to give some consideration to aquatic plants that can grow within the water garden itself. These will help control algae and maintain a proper ecosystem within the garden itself. If you are interested in having color around your garden, take into consideration the impatiens. These lovely little flowers will bloom from late spring all the way through the summer. Petunias are also a good choice. Be careful when choosing your plants, however. You want your water garden to blend in with the landscaping around it so that it appears to be a natural area and not something that just doesn’t fit the landscaping. Take into consideration where your water garden is located. Is it in an area that gets full sun all day, is it partially shaded. It will help determine what type of plant you can use. Taking time to do some research before planting and landscaping will be worth it in the end. You will have a beautiful water garden in your landscaping area that can be enjoyed years to come.