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​Landscape With Live Stakes

Posted by Tammy Sons on Aug 17, 2015

Landscaping your pond with live stakes creates a beautiful borderline for your pond or lake. If you want to make your garden a sanctuary of peace and harmony live stakes give a great aesthetic value to the place and environment as whole. Live stakes can be created by cutting branches or putting growing compound on the end of the pond and then allowing them to sprout. This is important since it helps in creating a mound thereby preventing erosion. Here is a list of stakes you can use to make the planting easier. Make sure that you take into consideration the following stakes for the benefit of your planting.

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Black willow stakes:

Most people prefer using black willow stakes since they are both beautiful and fast growing. The black willow stakes are also known to tolerate both wet and dry conditions and as a result, they can thrive in either season and in any place.

River birch stakes:

The river birch stakes are also fast growing and are loved by many landscapers since they create a beautiful border to your lake or pond. If river birch stakes fail to thrive they can be good for the environment as well since they provide natural nutrients to the environment and also offering wildlife something to eat. They grow in both drought stricken areas as well as in wet areas.

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Sand bar willow live stakes:

The sand bar willow stakes are very suitable for being planted around the lake or the pond. Sometimes they are also planted on one’s home compound. The sand bar willow live stakes provide shade you can enjoy beside the pond or the lake. Since it attracts birds and other small animals, landscapers use them where land is vast and one needs to have a close view of birds and small animals as the fly and run around.

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Water willow:

The water willow can also be planted near the pond or the lake. The foliage of the tree ranges from yellow green to blue. It is a lovely addition to the lake or pond for landscaping purposes. Water willows are great in providing shadows but their twigs breaks off easily during strong winds and thus might not be safe for picnics.

Tree stakes:

Tree stakes are planted around the pond so as to prevent the wind from interfering with the rooting system. If the rocks and the roots are allowed to move, this can tear down the ground leading to soil erosion.You can remove the tree stakes once the tree can itself without bending or shifting. With these measures in place, you can rest assured that you will be in the right position when it comes to planting in water. You no longer have to go through the hassle that had been experienced before. 

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