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Japanese Gardening

Posted by Garden Delights Plant Nursery on Oct 14, 2014

Making a Japanese garden is far from your normally way of gardening. There is much more involved to create this oriental oasis. They include elements such as beautiful rocks, water and plants to create a different world right in your backyard. Here are some things to think about when you are planning your oriental getaway. Since these gardens are all about zen, you will need to fence off the area using something like bamboo and make an entrance to the calming area. You want this area to be separate from the world around you so you can really relax when you are there. Also, when you place the plants and flowers in the garden you want to follow the tradition of making everything textured and not able to be seen all at one. Mystery is an important piece of this garden. Incorporate some paths that are winding and will take you to some awesome plants and flowers in the area. These paths can be made using the smooth stone. Also, planting evergreens are crucial. It is because they are always green and will always be able to calm and lift your spirits when you spend time in this garden. They help to bring added texture so look for things like cedars and pines to add to the area. Moss is also a great addition. They make a great groundcover for areas with more moisture, and you can also use these to make pathways through you garden and add stepping stones as moss is very hardy and can withstand a lot of traffic. You can also add some lanterns and pagodas to the area that will drastically increase the ambience and overall zen feeling of the garden area. Also add something like hostas and lilies to have a beautiful display of color and foliage for you to enjoy as you relax each day. Lastly, what Japanese garden would be complete without a bridge? Bridges are key, and you can add just about whatever kind and color you want. Experiment in your garden with making your very own zen area and prepare to relax!

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