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Instant Landscape By Planting

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 19, 2016

Plant Mature Trees for an Instant Landscape

One of the most exciting things about a new home site is framing the new home with landscape plantings. Tasteful landscaping adds a great deal of appeal to a new home, and the landscaping of a new home involves many choices for the new home owner. The owner can enjoy creating a vision in which to frame the home, much as an artist can create a vision on a canvas.

Most new home sites tend to be surrounded by trees and plants just out of the grower’s pot, and the homeowner must wait several years to begin realizing benefits of the landscaping. The alternative is to find a tree farm that can provide large trees to provide an instant look of maturity, so that the landscape can be enjoyed while the homeowner is still enjoying the newness of the home. 

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The decision to buy large trees from a quality tree farm means the homeowner gets the completed look of an instant landscape. The homeowner can get much quicker results in all the benefits that mature trees provide, including shade during the summer months, as well as the sheer beauty of the physical presence of a larger tree and leaf displays during the seasons. A decision to buy large trees might include flowering varieties to provide color and fragrance during the growing season. In most cases, immature trees require years of growth before attaining a significant display of blossoms or flowers.

Many homeowners who have chosen young trees for planting have ended up being dissatisfied with the spacing and design of their plantings. Spacing is especially difficult because of the variation in growth rates and end sizes of many varieties of trees. The new landscape that features large trees avoids most of the uncertainty involved in spacing between trees and between the home and the landscape plantings.

Planting large trees in a new home site allows the homeowner to bring the future vision of the property into the present, for instant enjoyment of all the pleasures that nature can add to a new home.