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Hummingbird Vine:

Posted by Garden Delights on May 19, 2014

The Hummingbird Vine is also known as the Trumpet Vine. The botanical name for this plant is Campsis Radicans. It is a climbing vine that has very attractive bright, trumpet shaped flowers. The Hummingbird Vine is a very hardy plant that can grow very quickly in the first year. This vine grows well in USDA Climate Zones 4 thru 10. The flowers on this vine are only perfect for hummingbirds, they are trumpet shaped and they have a high nectar reserve. The Hummingbird Vine is native to the southern United States and easy to grow and cultivate it. In fact, once the Hummingbird Vine starts to grow it harder to stop it from growing and growing. It requires little care other than keeping it from completely taking over your entire garden.

When planting the Hummingbird Vine it is imperative that you choose a location where the plant will receive full sunlight to partial shade. Full sunlight will produce more flowers that will attract hummingbirds. Avoid planting too close to buildings, because this vine is such a vigorous grower that it can damage some foundations and shingles. Once you decide where to grow your new Hummingbird Vine you now have to prune the vine as it grows. If this vine is left to grow on its own with no taming, then it will grow to resemble a small shrub. Most gardeners like to plant the Hummingbird Vine along a fence, arbor or trellis. The structures provide support for the vine to climb and also give it some body. Keep in mind you should not plant them too closely to any trees because this vine could eventually take over and kill off the tree.

Next you need to plant the Hummingbird Vine in a hole that can hold the roots, fill the hole in and then water the vine thoroughly. After the plant begins to grow be sure to prune the vine in the spring and the fall to help control the growth. Also trim the limbs back to help keep the Hummingbird Vine from growing out of control.