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​How Trees Provide Oxygen

Posted by Tammy Sons on Aug 24, 2015

Many areas of the United States are filled with large trees and shade trees that help to create pleasant surroundings for homes and parklands. Trees are necessary to humans because they provide necessary materials for breathing. In turn, humans give off carbon dioxide when they exhale, which plants use for photosynthesis in a cycle of interdependence that benefits both parties.

The Cycle of Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is a term that means, “putting together with light.” It refers to plants’ ability to make its own food from sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. As long as these three elements are available, plants can thrive. Trees and other plants are composed of many trillions of cells. Special parts of the cells, called chloroplasts, contain pigments that absorb sunlight. The plant has the ability to take up water from the ground through its root system. Plants also have special structures on their leaves that can also absorb water. Plants get their carbon dioxide from the air, from animal forms and humans that exhale this substance. Inside leaf structures, the tree converts these components into sugars that it uses for food, like a biological factory. It can then send these sugars throughout the plant to feed every cell. When photosynthesis occurs, oxygenated molecules are produced from breaking the water molecules that the tree does not need. It releases oxy molecules into the atmosphere for humans to breathe.

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What Happens During Photosynthesis?

During photosynthesis, the light reacts with the water the tree has taken into its cells. Carbon dioxide enters from the undersides of leaves through structures called stomates. The water splits into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen combines with the carbon, and oxygen is released into the air.

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Trees Make Better Environments

The process that makes breathable air for people and it also helps to make attractive and healthier environments for humans to enjoy. You will notice this effect in your own yard. Shade trees shield your home from the sun and help people to use less energy. These large trees also fills the air with oxygen that makes people feel more energetic and happier. This concentrated oxygenated air is what makes tree-filled landscapes so pleasant to visit.

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