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​How To Plant Zinnias

Posted by Tammy Sons on Oct 12, 2015

Zinnias has been in existent for a considerably long period of time. Some time back, the flower was regarded to be a bush kind, but of late this has changed. Zinnias is now being planted in a majority of gardens due to one reason or the other. More specifically, a majority of gardeners consider this flower to be ideal for beautification and also for attracting butterflies. Zinnias will grow well on soils that are loamy with some sand traces. Moving further, this flower requires full sun and will in most cases bloom when it’s during summer. It is available in multicolor and thus can be spotted to be either, red pink, purple white or orange yellow.

How to plant zinnias

Unlike most flowers, this kind is primarily grown from seeds. Provided that there are favorable conditions this flower has a relatively high growth rate. It is highly recommended that you do not transplant this flower as the result will be unpleasant. Additionally, partial sun for this flower is out of question and will in most cases result to a slower growth rate. With this in mind, it is highly advised that you grow this kind in an area that receives full sunlight. More specifically, for optimum growth consider planting in an area having minimum temperatures of at least 60 degree F, especially during the day.

Zinnias will grow optimally in an area having fertile soils that are well drained. In the event that your soils is something lesser than the above statement, consider amending it so that the flower grows as it should be. Ones the soil has been amended sow the seed to at least ¼ an inch depth.

Spacing is also required for optimal growth. In this regard, ensure that the crops are well spaced so as to encourage optimum growth. More specifically, consider planting the flowers with 5-20 inches spaces between them. Note that spacing is highly dependent on the variety you have chosen. If you are not sure of the spacing measurements, confirm or rather read the seed package at the back.

After all has been done and there are favorable conditions. Note that germination will occur in between 5 to 73 days. If you desire that this flower has a longer display consider planting the flower in succession.

How to take care of the flower

As mentioned earlier, this crop will grow faster and optimally when the soil is fertile and has good drainage. In this regard, it the duty of every gardener to ensure that the garden maintains these condition so that the crop grows as it should be. Standard garden maintenance and care also implies that you should constantly remove the weeds and also watch out for pests and diseases

Zinnias will also do well when the soil has moderate moisture and with neutral PH. With this in mind ensure that these standards are maintained. Note that there are certain periods when this crop will not grow optimally or in extremes die. More specifically, avoid planting during frost as it will not thrive or it will die indefinitely. You are mostly likely to encounter with bacterial wilt, powdery mildew and fungal spots. As such, be prepared to deal with these disease so as to create a friendly environment for this flower to grow optimally.

Note that pests and diseases are capable of reducing the crops yield. With this in mind, ensure to deal with the diseases and/or pests once they appear. Dealing with pests and disease once it has populated in your garden will become hard, thus the need for addressing the problem during its early stages.

Zinnias will be ready for harvest and storage after 70 days. Note that this will only occur provided that there are favorable conditions, otherwise the period may take longer. Be sure to handle harvesting and storage with utmost care as this will prevent unprecedented damage. Conclusively, zinnias is probably one of the easiest flowers to grow. Second, when the conditions are favorable this crop has a faster growth rate. For those of you desiring to make your garden a butterfly hub, this is the ideal flower for making the desire a reality. Lastly, by practicing the tips that have been shared above you will be able to grow these flower easily and reap the resultant benefits.

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