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How To Make Compost Easily

Making compost is easy and free and can help solve many gardening problems, from water drainage to bad soil conditions. It also helps our environment by keeping things out of landfills. Some basic building blocks for compost include leaves, grass trimmings, and leftover vegetable peelings. Compost is layers and layers of different things that all work together to make something magical. Making a compost needs an area three to five feet high area that is about five feet wide. You can even purchase a compost bin if you want. The basic recipe for this natural fertilizer is air combined with moisture accompanied by layers of waste materials like kitchen scraps and leaves. The waste will decompose over time, making it an excellent fertilizer. You can make compost in less time by having an area that heats all of these ingredients to more than one hundred and forty degrees that kills bacteria. Usually, gardeners do a layer of vegetable waste about six inches thick, a manure layer about two inches thick, and a layer of soil with a limestone element.

You repeat this process until the pile is about three to five feet high. They are using a chopper to chop up the waste in tinier portions. And you can have compost in a few weeks or so. The compost will need to be turned to get air about every two weeks or so. So many gardeners have their recipes and can experiment with what works best for you. Doing it yourself is such a great thing, and most hardware stores now offer compost machines and equipment to make it even more straightforward. It is a great way to ensure that the fertilizers that a gardener or homeowner is using are natural and will not contain any harsh or harmful chemicals. Recycle all of those uneaten table scraps and other things that You might throw out into landfills. It is not a difficult thing to do once a gardener gets used to it and making their very own compost, trying composting! It makes a gorgeous garden and a great way to fertilize flower gardens and natural areas, especially those wonderful vegetable gardens.

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