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How To Divide Perennials

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Mar 04, 2015

Dividing Perennials

If you have had a particular flower or plant in your landscape for an extended period, chances are it has grown quite large and may need to be divided. Divide them to encourage growth and the overall health of the plant. One can perform this task anytime the ground is not frozen, but the best time is a few months before very cold or hot weather is scheduled to occur. This is because you want the newly divided plant to have a chance to get established and strong before this time of weather occurs. In colder climates, it is best to divide into the spring and for warmer climates, it is best to divide into the fall months of the year. Here are some steps on how to successfully divide the plant without harming it. First, you will want to water the ground around the plant generously to help the soil become loose, and it will be better to get the plant out without damaging the root system. It should be just right to where you can easily dig with a shovel or gardening fork. Next, you will want to cut the plant’s stems down to anywhere from four to six inches from the ground. After this task is done, one needs to dig up the entire plant and its root system. Achieve this by going several inches outside and around the plant. If you do happen to cut some roots, do not be overly concerned. They will grow back. After you have removed the plant, take a look at it and see if it can be easily parted, or it is more complicated. You can use a knife or other tools to cut the plant into, however, many parts you would like. Make sure that each part has a good number of roots and leaves so that it can become established in its new home more quickly. Take off any debris that may be on the plant and insert it into its new home. Water generously at first until the plant is established.

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