How To Build A Sand Castle

How To Build A Sand Castle

Posted by Garden Delights nursery on Mar 23, 2014

How to Build a Sand Castle

Building, a sand castle, is a time-honored summer tradition. Constructing one can be a fun group activity at the beach, or a great way to wile away the time in the backyard sandbox. Professional sand castle builders make it look easy, but it takes a lot of skill to make a truly great one. Follow the how to instructions below to make your own piece of beach real estate.

1. Find good sand. Believe it or not, the quality of the sand is important when making a castle. The best sand is not the type you'd find on a flawless white beach; what you want is dirtier, heavier sand.

2. Have water handy. Even if you're in the backyard and not on the beach, you're going to want to keep some water nearby. You simply can't make any type of sturdy stand structure without wet sand.

3. Create a strong base. Get all of that dirty sand wet and start making a base for your castle to stand upon. It shouldn't be too wet, but if it's too dry, it will just dissolve. Pile up some wet sand, then get ready to make a foundation.

4. Practice run. Before you make the main structure that will be your castle, it's a good idea to make a few smaller pieces. Use a small bucket, or even a large Duplo-type block to test out the sand, make sure it's the perfect mix of wet and dry, and to be sure it's going to stand up once you take the mold away.

5. Start building. Fill up with wet sand whatever mold you've chosen to use as the main castle building. Level it off, and slowly turn it upside down on top of the base you've created. SLOWLY pull the mold off the sand. This point is crucial: if you move too fast, you risk losing some of the sand and upsetting the structure.

6. If you're happy with the start of the castle, add more sand structures around it with differently sized molds, following the how to steps, above. If you have people helping, this is a great activity for them.

7. Last, but not least, make sure to dig a moat around your castle. You don't want any invaders ruining your hard work. Add flags (sticks of wood), minarets (more sticks), and maybe a dragon or two.

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