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​How Shrubs Enhance A Landscape

Posted by Tammy Sons on Sep 16, 2015

Shrubs are a wonderful way to add diversity to your landscape. They can add height, texture, color and aroma to your landscape design. Bushes such as the burning bush, redtwig dogwood and sumac can bring color to your landscape during the winter months. Winterberry and other berry-producing bushes are also a way to enliven your landscape during the winter. Strategically placed evergreen shrubbery is a nice addition to a landscape design. They provide year-round color and unique texture to the landscape. The use of outdoor lighting in exterior spaces continues to grow more popular. You can create a spectacular focal point in your garden or lawn by directing a spotlight to a uniquely shaped shrub.


If you have an expansive outdoor space, you can create a sense of coziness by visually dividing the large lawn into small areas. Each area can be filed with plants and flowers that relate to a theme or purpose. You could create a small herb garden, a small aromatic garden, a cutting garden, color specific garden and various other individualized spaces. You can use border plants to accentuate the separateness of the landscape design.

Border plants are an ideal way to contain a flower bed that extends across the front of your house. They can also be planted in a square or circular design to create a flower bed anywhere on the lawn. Many people use foliage plants around the base of a tree or at the base of a fountain.]

Plants such as hosta, mondo grass or various other types of low growing ornamental grasses are very attractive growing along the edge of a walkway leading to the front door. As part of a landscape design, you can include walkways that leads into a garden area. Within that garden space, you can include bench seating or a small dining set where you can go for some quiet time. Adding landscape lighting to this space will enhance the beauty of your landscape design.

Small areas of your lawn that could go unnoticed can be transformed into eye-catching aspects of the design with the use of lighting, garden art and shrubs. Planting shrubbery that attract birds will bring beauty and energy to a space that might otherwise be a mundane portion of your lawn. Bird feeders, bird houses and birdbaths are excellent additions to a landscape design. All of these can be nestled in among the flowers and plants you have included in your landscape design. English Ivy is great too when planted under shrubs, they stop weeds from growing.

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