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Hepatica plants Are A Great Option

Hepatica, also known as liverwort and liver leaf, is a small hardy perennial that is quite beautiful. It can grow anywhere from two to ten inches tall and is an ideal choice for use in rock gardens or areas of your garden that most of the plants or flowers refuse to grow and thrive. It grows best in climate zones four through eight and will produce flowers in late winter through the spring months of the year. The blooms can vary in color ranging from white to purple to blue and even pink. They are anemone-like and single in their blooming pattern. The foliage on this plant is evergreen and leathery to the touch, providing color all year long. It becomes a good choice for any gardener or homeowner. Plant this perennial in the later spring months or early summer months of the year, and they need to be spaced from six to twelve inches apart. They can grow in full or partially shaded areas and the optimal soil conditions with excellent drainage and humus elements. They also attract butterflies and bees. 

Hepatica is a great idea to add to your rock garden or other areas of your yard that may need the addition of color and beauty. Since this plant is exceptionally hardy, it can grow in many locations. This plant is also low maintenance and is easily transplanted. So no worries if you decide to move it after planting. For the best results, plant in groups of two or three to get a fuller look and more color in the area. Although it is usually found in woodland areas, it looks good in any landscape, especially in shaded areas. Try this one out in your garden soon! Hepatica plants can fill an area when other plants cannot.

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