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Hemlock Tree

Posted by Garden Delights on Sep 02, 2014

The Hemlock Tree is a beautiful tree that is native to Canada. It will live for hundreds of years and makes a good addition to any yard or landscape. It grows best in climate zones four through seven and love areas that provide a full sunlight environment. It will grow anywhere from fifty to seventy feet tall and do best in soil conditions that are loamy, moist and sandy in their nature. The tree has foliage similar to that of a shrub and will be dense in its appearance. Birds love this tree for nest making. Additionally, this tree is a slow grower and even in the best conditions, it will continue to grow slowly. It is worth the wait though! It is a very common tree around Canada and the United States and have been cultivated over the years for many landscaping needs. Much uses these to create windbreaks or to make a showpiece in their yard. This tree is an evergreen and will give you many years of beauty and color in your yard. There are three main kinds of the hemlock tree including western, mountain and eastern. 

This tree is pyramid shaped, and they are found naturally deep in the forest and are found all over the continent. They prefer rocky soils and also grow well on hills and ridges with no problem. They are used for more than landscaping including furniture making and flooring. This tree will be perfect to create a natural fence in your yard or a windbreak if you are in a windy climate area. You can even make this a show piece in your yard and plant flowers and plants alongside it to create the perfect natural area. Native Americans used this tree for basket making, dyes and many other things. It is the perfect tree for any landscape and will transform your yard in more ways than you could realize. When you are considering adding another specimen to your landscape, put this at the top of your list and prepare to be amazed this tree.