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Hanging Baskets

Posted by Garden Delights on Oct 02, 2014

Hanging baskets decorate those front porches, decks and patios. They also look amazing added to flower gardensflower gardens when using a long black shepherd hook pole that will hold a basket. There are many plants and vines that will look great when added to a hanging basket and will grow to become beautiful and stunning. There are also some that will produce gorgeous flowers and some that will remain green for summer months of the year. Some of the best flowering plants to use in hanging baskets are petunias, geraniums and also sweet William. These are beautiful plants and will give lots of gorgeous colors to whatever location they are hung. The geraniums are also very hardy and strong and will bloom for several months when they will have the dead blooms pinched off, and new ones will appear. 

They are great flowers to take care of and will not need a lot of maintenance and care to get them to grow. There are also some great flowering vines and other plants that will look amazing. Online plant nurseries have a wide variety to choose from when considering what types to add to hanging baskets. Make the baskets will have great potting soils in them that already have fertilizer and plant foods added to them. It will help the flowers and vines to grow to their fullest potential, and they will be gorgeous and will add lots of colors and life to areas where they are hung. Hanging baskets grow herb plants. Hanging baskets can also be purchased from larger home and garden centers but they may not have the plants in them that a home owner is wanting. Create your hanging baskets, and they will look fantastic when they are growing and are finished and hanging in the desired locations. Hanging baskets with bright flowers in them will also attract those sweet and beautiful hummingbirds and a wide variety of butterflies.