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Posted by Tammy Sons on Oct 16, 2015

Shop till You Drop at a Plant Nursery

Every town or region has a wealth of plant nurseries who sell a wide variety of plants, trees and shrubs to suit most any gardener's preferences. A plant nursery is also the best source of professional advice on the best types of plants, trees and shrubs that do well in the local region. Most garden hobbyists can shop till they drop at a nursery with the same enthusiasm fashionistas haunt boutiques. In many ways, a nursery can be considered a gardener's boutique.

Get Professional Guidance with Gardening

To find the most proficient nurserymen, look for the state or national nursery certification. This is a guide to the quality of knowledge your gardening shop possesses. They can assist with common soil conditions and local natural soil improvement or help choose a rainbow design that makes gardens uncommonly beautiful and unique. These nurserymen can help choose plants, shrubs and trees that will produce prolific growth and array of colors that captivate the senses the year round. There are several important elements a professional gardening consultant focuses on with the assistance they provide. These include:

. Design

. Color

. Size

. Depth

. Balance

Important Factors to Consider

Climate, soil type and annual rainfall play an important role in the types of flowers, shrubbery and tree genus that are most adaptable for certain areas. For example, certain types of flower bulbs survive below freezing in colder climates while they may not do as well in long spates of extremely hot temperatures. This is where your garden center can help to choose plantings that best suit a particular growing zone. Although zone designations are approximate, they generally range from three to ten across the northern hemisphere. The staff at a local garden center will provide the temperatures compatible from coldest to warmest for each of these zones.

Creating a Special Garden Technique

Without the help of local nurserymen, the style of a garden can appear "amateurish." These experts are well trained in gardening technique. They help turn an existing "blah" garden into a spectacular riot of color in blooms and foliage. Take the time to shop around your plant nursery. Notice that each hot house or outdoor display is neatly organized to help make purchases easier. Choose from an exotic indoor plant or feathery ornamental grasses so popular in recent years. Many gardeners choose native prairie or traditional Victorian gardens.

When the spring arrives, it is time to start working in your garden. Therefore, a trip to a nursery or garden center is essential to pick out your plants and other items. These centers have a variety of plants for sale, including garden plants, perennials, ferns, wetland plants, ground covers and live stakes.

Garden plants are certainly the most popular type of plant for home gardens and there are literally hundreds of varieties available. This makes it easy for a gardener to select the exact type of plant that they need for their personal garden. For example, some varieties of plant will do well in the sun while others might thrive in a shaded environment.

Perennials are a type of plant that grows and blooms during the springtime and summer, but dies each winter and fall. However, the plant returns to life from their roots in the following spring. Some species actually maintain their foliage throughout the entire year despite the climate. Due to the many varieties, perennials can live a short life of only a few years or may live for an extended lifetime.

Ferns are vascular plants with stems and leaves, but they do not have seeds or flowers. Most ferns are purchased from garden centers for use as ornamental plants as they really do not have any type of economical value. Another type of plants are wetland plants, which naturally grow in a wetland environment and are commonly referred to as hydrophytes or hydrophytic vegetation. Although they are not one of the most popular plants for sale at a garden center, they can be used to create a unique rain garden in a botanical center.

Ground covers are essentially any type of plant that is grown over a section of ground in order to provide protection against drought and erosion. The five most common types of plants that are used as ground covers are vines, herbaceous plants, shrubs, moss and ornamental grasses. Live stakes are live wood cuttings of particular dormant plant species that have the branches trimmed off of them. They are used to create a root mat that secures the soil by binding and reinforcing the soil particles. They can be used for erosion control to protect the other plants in a garden or to secure other plant materials. The live stakes can be placed through various structures such as openings in rock areas, etc.

Online Nursery

There are many benefits of buying from online nursery, including cheaper prices, a wider variety of plants, significant time savings and product guarantees. An online nursery will sell all of the same plants and products that are sold in a normal retail store, but at a significant discount. This is because they are often the original breeders of the plants that they sell. However, a local retail store must purchase seeds and bulk from suppliers and mark up the prices so that they can make a profit. By removing this step in an online nursery purchase, the savings are passed on to the consumer.

As a result of cost savings from an online nursery purchase, consumers will have more money available to buy additional amounts of seeds, plants, etc. Therefore, the consumer is essentially purchasing more products for the same price that they would pay for less at the local garden shop. This is an especially important benefit for those who plan to grow a large variety of plants.

In addition to cost savings with online purchases, there is a wider selection of plants and items from an online nursery. Whether it is seeds or flower bulbs, an online nursery will have everything that a consumer could find at a local store as well as more plants that are unique to the online nursery's own sources. Representatives of online nurseries are usually far more knowledgeable about plants and their care than retail store clerks, so consumers can learn valuable information about a product before making their purchase.

The benefits of buying from online nursery continue with the tremendous time savings associated with online browsing and purchases. There is no need to drive down to the local retail store to see if they might just have your item in stock. You can simply do an Internet search from the comfort of your own living room and browse the various items that are available through an online nursery.

A final benefit of buying from an online nursery is that they have a guarantee that they will replace a plant that does not spout for free. Online nurseries are experts at proper direct shipping as this is absolutely crucial to their business. They know exactly how to ship out a plant in a secure and time effective manner. Therefore, customers can rest assured that they will receive a satisfactory product for their money. 

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