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Gardening Tool Care

Posted by Garden Plants Nursery on Feb 10, 2015

Caring For Gardening Tools

With the many gardening tools that you probably have stock piled in your garage or outdoor space and take care of them so that all the money you have invested will last you many, many years. Make sure your gardening tools last more than just one season. Wash and dry gardening tools after each use. Some recommend keeping a brush beside your gardening hose for easy access and cleaning. Soil and other things dry on the equipment, making it dull and causing it to rust over time. Also, make a mixture of sand and linseed oil and keep on hand. Dipping the tools in this mixture after several uses will help to keep them clean and new looking. Remember to use linseed oil, as you will introduce anything that comes in contact with your equipment to the soil the next time you use it. You can also use linseed oils to clean tools with wooden handles. Wiping them once with this will give them an almost immediate transformation in their appearance! Also storing your tools and equipment properly will go a long, long way in ensuring they last you many years. They need to be dried off and hung up in your garage or outdoor building. Leaving them leaning against a wall or touching the floor will lead to disaster because of moisture build up. When moisture builds up, the tools will begin to rust over time making them dull and not very useful in your garden or landscape area. You also need to make sure each piece of equipment is cleaned well and also dried well. These simple little steps do not take a lot of extra money and will save you hundreds in buying new equipment each year. Remember to take care of your gardening tools just like you would take care of any plant or flower in your garden. When you take care of something, you will get lots back in return.