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​Gardening Can Be Fun

Posted by Garden Delights Plant Nursery on Jun 24, 2014

Parents want their kids to know the value of work. However in today’s society that is centered around technology, cell phones, and television sometimes parents get creative. Some parents might be willing to get their child a pet so that they learn responsibility. However, sometimes adding a pet to the household is just not possible for various reasons, so parents need another way to teach these life lessons.


One way of doing this is allowing them to plant their very own vegetable garden. Help your child or your children prepare a spot on your property and then allow them to plant the items of their choice. Take them to your local nursery to pick out the plants and seeds of the vegetables and or fruits that they want to have in their garden. Encourage your children to pick items that they enjoy eating, or that is a part of your family’s diet on a regular basis. They will have to weed the garden, water it, fertilize, and pick the items as they ripen. 

It will teach your child or children that if they work hard and are responsible they will learn. Compare this to a job. If you work hard at your job than at the end of the week, you are reward with a paycheck. It could also lead you into teaching your child how to use the vegetables in the kitchen. One can wash, cut, and then cook with the vegetables. Just think how much pride your child would have in themselves, and you would for them if they grew the vegetable and then the family can enjoy them together at a meal.

If you wanted to teach children a lesson in money as well, you could allow them to set up a small stand in your yard to sell the items that come from their garden. If you have a large spot of land for them to use you could allow them to plant something like watermelons or pumpkins. Then when these are ready your children or teen could sell these. Doing something like this not only teaches hard worker and responsibility but also some financial skills as well. Even if you do not have the ability to plant a garden outside having your child take care of something like an indoor herb garden can help them learn valuable life skills.