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Gardening Advice For The Do It Yourself

Gardening Advice For The Do It Yourself

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 21, 2016

DIY Gardening Advice

Many modern homeowners who embark on do-it-yourself projects as a way to gain personal satisfaction quickly find that it's also a good way to save money. People who grow their own vegetables, for instance, save cash at the grocery store on a regular basis. Even those unfamiliar with gardening techniques can quickly learn easy gardening practices that can result in thriving gardens full of fresh produce. 

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Although garden plants are widely available in small pots at home and garden stores, even those who are new to gardening can start vegetables from seeds on sunny windowsills. Inexpensive peat pots can be used for starting vegetables, culinary herbs and other tender garden plants several weeks before the final frost date. When outdoor temperatures permit, the peat pots can be placed directly into the permanent location of the plant where they will slowly decompose, allowing root systems to develop easily.

The average back yard can provide enough produce to provide an average family of six with vegetables, and those who learn easy gardening techniques can significantly expand their yield. For instance, some plants perform better in hanging baskets than they do when planted directly into the ground. Cherry tomatoes only need a sunny location and fairly rich potting soil to produce hundreds of delicious tiny tomatoes that can be picked easily when grown in hanging baskets near the kitchen door.

Fortunately, gardening isn't difficult to learn, and it often doesn't require as much space as many people believe. Even those living in urban environments whose only outdoor space is a small balcony or patio can grow some of their own food in containers. A little soil, sun and water is all that's needed for successful growing of food.

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