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Garden Plants Grow Easily And Fully

Garden Plants Grow Easily And Fully

Posted by Dennis Sons on Oct 27, 2017

Garden Plants

If you are considering starting a garden or simply adding to an existing one, you will need to carefully choose which garden plants you will incorporate into your design. For example, some plants can be poisonous to humans, pets, and wildlife. Others may not be suitable for numerous other reasons. You can choose between perennials, flowers, and shrubs. Here are a few plants that can spruce up any garden.

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace is a beautiful biennial flower -- it blooms during its second year of growth. It produces a circular array of tiny white flowers that form a cluster. Sometimes the cluster contains a single crimson flower in the middle.

The plant make a wonderful addition to any garden. During its second year, the flower cluster unfolds like an umbrella. Weeks later, the "umbrella" folds back up, leaving behind a seed ball. The plant gets its name from the legend that Queen Anne was sewing lace and pricked her finger, leaving behind a single drop of blood -- the tiny crimson flower at the heart of some clusters.


Echinacea is a common plant that is welcome in most gardens for several reasons. For one, it produces an attractive flower. When it comes to perennials, this plant is hard to beat because it has the added bonus of being an attractor of honey bees. Having bees around will increase the pollination of your plants, resulting in more plant growth throughout your garden. Echinacea is also used as a home remedy for influenza and the common cold.


The shrub is a sometimes overlooked part of many people's gardens. They can compliment your existing garden plants in many ways. For example, they can help divide your garden into sections if you so choose. They also can provide wind breaks, privacy barriers, and a visual variance from the rest of the plants in your garden.

Bluebeard Shrub

This is a type of shrub that fits easily into most gardens. It features showy clusters of blue flowers in later summer. One advantage to bluebeards is that they are very easy to grow -- they tolerate high heat and drought without any problem. Their beautiful foliage is also a favorite of honeybees. Not only will you have an attractive shrub, you will be helping the endangered honeybees as well.

Whatever shrub you ultimately choose, be sure to take into account several factors. Some have different light and water requirements. What works well in one part of your garden may not work so well in another location. Some also have high growth rates that require you to prune them back more often than you may like. If these shrubs are needed for a privacy barrier, this may actually be a plus. Doing your research before you purchase and plant is highly recommended to avoid any potential problems.