From The Garden To The Table

Posted by Garden Delights Nusery on May 01, 2014

Dinner is right outside your door. Grow your own nutrient-packed vegetables, fruits & herbs.

With a backyard garden, you know all kinds of things about the vegetables, fruits and herbs you harvest to create meals for your family. To begin with, count on intense flavor. Produce tastes best when it's fresh - plucked from the vine and when it's perfectly ripe and eaten soon after harvested. Home grown tomatoes will always be much sweeter than those bought at your local supermarkets. Just picked lettuce will be brickler, more tender and flavorful also when harvested fresh for those sandwiches, salads and when put in other delicious entrees. Talk about a garden-side snack, these are top choices.

When the field to table distance is mere feet instead of hundreds of miles, putting together a spur-of-the-moment mean is as easy stepping out the door, harvesting what's ripe, and combining the produce with some kitchen staples for a delicious meal or healthy snack.

A mesclun salad topped with with slivers of baby radishes and a handful of sweet peas is the perfect starter for a springtime supper. A backyard garden can infuse your breakfast, lunch or supper with fresh flavor from midspring through the fall seasons. Another great idea is to can and freeze your produce and you can easily eat from your garden a year long.