Foxtail Sedge

Posted by Tammy Sons on Aug 30, 2017

The foxtail sedge is a clumping grass that you will quite enjoy on your lawn because you will notice that it looks much different from traditional grass. You will find the seedlings bloom in late summer, and the grasses will start to fall to the ground once they have bloomed properly.

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#1: Height

These grasses will be one to three feet high, and they will droop back to the ground once you have planted them. They will take up quite a lot of space when you plant them, and they need to be spaced one to two feet apart. They will look a bit wispy, and they will resemble foxtail. This is why it is called the foxtail sedge, and plant will carry across the ground the longer the blades get.

#2: Forests And Wetlands

Forests and wetlands are the best places to plant something like this, and you will find that the plants will thrive because you are in a wetter climate. The grasses tend to perform well in east coast locations that have a higher humidity. The UDSA hardiness zones are three through seven, and you may plant outside these areas when you offer enough moisture to the plant.

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#3: Spacing

You must spread these plants a couple feet apart so that they may grow to touch each other. The blades need space to expand, and you will find it quite a lot of fun to watch the plants touch each other. They will fill the ground with the blades of grass that will fall down, and they may reach three feet in length. You will not plant thousands of these plants when you are filling your lawn, and you may choose a select few plants to surround your lawn, fill in your garden and make your lawn more attractive.

The foxtail sedge is one of the best grasses to choose because it is much easier for you to manage.