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Forsythia Shrubs Are Great For Spring

Posted by Garden Delights on Sep 09, 2014

The flowers bell-shaped, and yellow flowers on this gorgeous shrub are one of the earliest signs of spring in zones 4-9 in the United States. It is beautiful in color with its bright flowers. There are several varieties of this plant that can range in size from small plants, around 1 foot tall to others that may reach heights of around ten feet. These wonderful shrubs are extremely hardy and easy to grow. They make a good choice for the beginning gardener or even the most experienced gardener who want a plant that doesn’t need huge amounts of time and maintenance. These shrubs do great as a hedge, planted in formal gardens or natural areas in your landscaping. They are also beautiful when grouped with the dogwood tree. Many people will cut the branches from this shrub and bring them into the house when they start flowering for some spring “inside." As said earlier, these are easy to grow. The love full sunlight or partial shade and will grow in almost any soil. 

They are extremely tolerant of poor growing conditions and have even grown in containers by gardeners that live in an apartment or townhouse without much garden space. Forsythia flowers grow on the previous year’s growth, and pruning is key as soon as they have stopped blooming. You should prune your forsythia every year in order to keep it blooming at maximum capacity. Some forsythias, especially if they have been neglected or are very old that stop was blooming altogether. Take care of the plant such as this is trim down to the ground. Although it will take some time, probably several years, the plant will come back and produce the blooms that you are seeking. After a gloomy, cold winter want to enjoy some lovely signs of spring, the forsythia shrub is an awesome choice. It’s beautiful flowers, and low maintenance and hardness make it an excellent choice for any gardening project or landscape area.