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​Flowering Trees Are Fragrant and Beautiful

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Flowering Trees Are Fragrant and Beautiful Around A Home

After a long and grueling winter, there’s nothing more beautiful and welcoming than flowering trees. Many homeowners want flowering trees on their property but are unsure how to take care of these trees and ensure they look beautiful throughout the year. The most 

Common types of flowering trees

Dogwood and comes in many different colors, such as white and pink. Unfortunately, as beautiful as the flowering trees are, they only bloom for a short time in early spring. Once the warmer weather comes around, the flowers die off, and you’re left with gorgeous green foliage.

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Flowering trees are relatively self-sufficient so long as they are well-rooted. If you’re planting a new tree, you’re going to want to find a spot in your yard or garden that is full sun to partial shade. If the tree is placed in an area that doesn’t get much sun, growth will be stunted or won’t happen at all. Once the tree is planted, it’s recommended to circle the stump with mulch to help retain moisture and keep the new tree happy and healthy. Be sure to water your new tree whenever it is overly hot or dry outside for its first year to establish its roots. After the first year, regular rainfall should be enough to take care of the tree for you.

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Flowering trees aren’t just beautiful, but they are fragrant as well. Many homeowners enjoy the fact that they can walk out their front door and immediately smell the flowers during the spring months. Flowering trees can attract pests, so keeping an eye out and calling a professional tree company in your area if you spot any is vital to retaining the tree’s health. These pests include spider mites, Japanese beetles, and termites. The tree package available includes white.

Flowering Trees Dogwood, pink flowering Dogwood, Redbud trees, and the infamously beautiful Tree of Heaven

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