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Flower Gardens Using Recycled Goods

Flower Gardens Using Recycled Goods

Posted by Garden Delights Online Nursery on Mar 24, 2014

Using Household Goods To Make a Flower Garden


Drifwood is the perfect recyclable item that can be used to create an attractive garden. It is also useful for growing plants on soil that has a difficult time with plant growth as well. The natural shapes of different pieces of driftwood are never the same, which can add an artistic element to any garden. It is very easy to carve or sand into any shape desired, and can draw the eye to any points in a garden that are typically overlooked. These natural sculptures are also useful in helping to protect plants by lessening the need for chemicals.

Driveway Gravel

Driveway Gravel can also be a useful tool in adding an attractive element to a garden. It can be laid down in garden areas to create pathways, or replace areas where there might normally be grass to attract the eye to an area. It can also be used in areas that may have too much green and need something to balance out the appearance. When using driveway gravel, it is important that the area is dug out to place the gravel in, and that the edges are lined to prevent any gravel from getting into the grass.

Iron Beds

There are many beautiful gardens that can be created using iron beds, which can add a rustic element to a certain area. The iron beds can be used to create a whimsical environment in a garden area, and they will usually help to create the beauty of a garden naturally as the plants that weave themselves around the bed will create a work of art as they grow. As the plants weave around the frame of the bed, the iron frame will add a type of natural art to the garden with minimal effort.


Buckes can be a useful tool in garden growing, especially when growing vegetables. They can also be especially useful in making a better use of space by being able to hang them in certain areas, or be placed in areas that have limited space for plants. The plants that might sprout and hang over the edges of the buckets could also make the garden area slightly more attractive. Holes can be cut into them to allow plants extra room to grow and also produce more vegetation. They are especially useful because they are an affordable way to successfully grow plants in small spaces.