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Ferns for sale

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26, 2016

Cheap tricks to make your ferns thrive in any type soil

Ferns have evolved to flourish in a forest's humus-rich acidic soil. So what can you do do if your soil is less than perfect? Save up those potato peelings, coffee grounds, and other non-meat kitchen scraps for fertilize. It's best to cut the potato peelings, carrot scrapings, and such into fairly small pieces (this exposes more surface to speed up composting) and add them to your compost pile or worm bin. Cover with a layer of soil and turn regularly. Here's another trick: take those orange rinds, coffee grounds, and other scraps for fertilize and put them into a hole you've dug about 10 inches from the crown of the fern and at least 8 inches deep. Put in the scraps, cover with soil, and water. The potato peelings, coffee grounds, and scraps will retain moisture in the soil, and as they decompose they will add important nutrients to the soil to make your ferns flourish. Buy quality ferns for sale at Garden Delights Nursery. Try a wholesale nursery for large bulk quantities.