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​Fast Growing Trees Are Great For Gardens

Many of us want trees in our landscape, especially shade trees, but sometimes they seem like they take forever to grow. Here are some fast-growing varieties that will look amazing in your landscape. The Sugar Maple tree is a great choice. It will grow anywhere from ten to twenty feet tall and anywhere from five to fifteen feet wide. It adapts to various types of soil conditions and can grow in a full or partial sunlight environment. It will have large green foliage during the summer months of the year when the fall months start to appear, a spectacular display of reds, oranges, and yellows on the tree. The flashy colors will be sure to draw the attention of not only you and your family but also everyone who drives by.

Additionally, this tree is fast-growing, and if you ever need to move it, You can easily transplant this tree as well. The Green Ash tree is another excellent choice. This tree will grow best in climate zones three through nine and will be anywhere from sixty to seventy feet tall and about forty-five feet wide. This tree is unique and can grow as much as three feet in a single year. It loves soils that are moist and fertile in their compositions and will appreciate a whole sunlight environment. The foliage is beautiful and glossy and will turn a lovely golden yellow in the fall, making them even more visually striking. It is an excellent tree for giving you shade as well as creating an excellent focal point. The Green Mountain Sugar Maple is another one to consider adding to your landscape. It grows best in climate zones four through nine and will be anywhere from forty to fifty feet tall and about thirty feet wide. It will appreciate a complete to partial sunlight environment. It loves soil conditions that are acidic, clay-like, and moist in their compositions. It is beautiful and will provide interest year-round with its changing colors and is simply beautiful. There are many other fast-growing trees to choose from!

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