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​Fall Brings Glorious Color To Your Garden

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Feb 13, 2014

Fall brings glorious color. When we look out the windows of one homes we are in awe of the deep reds of the Sugar Maples that can be planted when we built the house or the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds of one's neighbors Autumn Blaze Maples. Many of us even take day trips up into the mountains to view the beauty that the fall season brings to the hills. There is nothing like a mountain range full of the colors of thousands of Box Elders, Sweet Gum Trees, Northern Pin Oaks, and hundreds of other species of trees native to your area. For several weeks, we take in the beauty on these day trips, and as we enjoy a Sunday cup of coffee reading the paper on one deck, but there are a lot of activities that can use the leaves to add to the experience of fall.

One fun project that one can get the little ones involved in being helping them make a fall foliage scrapbook. Take them on a walk and allow them to collect leaves. Then once one get home use the internet to help them identify exactly what leaves they have created. Once the leaves can be identified use glue, scrapbook pages, markers, glitter, and any other materials to help them make their own book. Not only does this allow for quality time with one child, but also teaches them some nature knowledge.

Kids are not the only ones that can have fun with these leaves and for all those who out there they can at a unique twist on your projects. Place them in a basket or glass globe along with your extra items. This makes a fall centerpiece for your family gatherings or even dimplier just scatter the leaves on the table. Then just set it as healthy and enjoy a more natural feel as they have just fallen off the tree. The is just one simple project, and if one searches the internet one can find all sorts of projects with different skill levels.

So no matter if one are just visually enjoying the leaves of a Brandywine Maple or using the leaves of Black Oak Trees to make a centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner take a moment to take in the experience because fall does not last forever, but the memories it creates can last a lifetime.

Sugar maple trees have gorgeous fall colors