Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Trees

Posted by Garden Delights Online Plant Nursery on Mar 25, 2014

The Many Advantages of Planting Evergreen Trees

Having ideas for a beautiful spring garden with lovely flowers is easy, but making it happen can be quite difficult. Gardening is fun, but includes much hard work and requires set of skills in order for you to be successful. Here are some tips for an easier way to make a lovely spring flower garden.

During the winter your garden is left unattended and is filled with thick snow, it will be best walk around the garden and clean all the mess up first before planting new shrubs in it. Pick up all the dead leaves, flowers, twigs and decomposing plants around it to allow new plants to grow. Make sure the mower is ready to make your task easier.

Evergreen trees can be considered as the trees for all seasons as their leaves continue to grow even in the winter season. These perennial trees are planted for their many advantages. If you are planning on planting these trees, make sure they get sufficient water after transplanting them. It is important to prepare enough space for its growth size, adequate sunlight and proper soil drainage. While all trees commonly provide wood either for building, fuel or carving, evergreen trees have more specific benefits aside from these.


There are areas where homes stand close to each other, and it can be hard to distinguish the scope of the property. For the purpose of clearly illustrating the property line, evergreen trees can be planted to serve as a division.


If you want privacy from traffic or the neighboring property without the need of building a fence, you can increase evergreen trees to use as your privacy fence. As their needles or leaves constantly increase in every season, they make a very ideal natural privacy fence for your property.


Is there any area in your residence that you wish to hide? You can transplant or grow evergreen trees to block the unsightly views around your property. Whether you want to hide the water meters, water faucets or whatever area that you do not want others to see, these trees can block such undesirable views.


The popular choices for Christmas trees are the evergreen trees. These trees are used to symbolize holidays and considered as one of the important decorations to celebrate the holiday season. If it is a Christmas tree, it must only be an evergreen tree. The best-selling trees for the holiday are the white pine, Virginia pine, Fraser fir, noble fir and Scotch pine.

Even during ordinary days the evergreen trees can also be used to create a pleasing view for your home. When you plant several varieties of evergreens, you can expect to see an interesting variety of their leaf color.

Noise Reduction

If you live near a highway or close to companies or your neighbors, noise is inevitable. Growing evergreen trees between your neighbors or some companies or any noisy place and your home is a good idea to muffle or minimize the sound. Evergreens can always help reduce the noise as their leaves keep growing the whole year round.


If you seek ways to save on your energy cost, you can reduce your expenses by growing or transplanting evergreen trees. When you strategically plant evergreens on your property, you can save up-to fifty percent on your air-conditioning bills in warm months and a maximum of thirty percent on your heating bills during the cold months.

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