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Evergreen Trees And The Many Uses

Posted by Garden Delights on Jun 03, 2014

We all know evergreen trees as Christmas trees or trees that are used as privacy hedges. We see evergreen trees everywhere but often we don’t associate them with being evergreen, we simply know them as trees.

Pine trees, spruce trees and white pine trees all grow as Christmas trees. Homeowners will use them as both indoor and outdoor trees for decoration. Pine trees and spruce trees are a favorite among many homeowners because of their sweet smell. Each tree can grow up to 30 feet tall or higher if grown in the right conditions. Spruce is a favorite with many because it can become full and thick which makes it perfect for hanging ornaments.

The downside to pine trees is that when clean cut and brought indoors they can dry out quickly. Water them frequently so that you are not creating a fire hazard. Too many homes are burnt down during the holiday season because homeowners let their trees get dry, and the lights catch the pine trees on fire. Also, beware of placing your tree outside on the porch during the holiday because they can get too dry and become a fire starter.

All evergreen trees have many useful purposes such as growing full to become a privacy hedge, staying green year long or bringing color to one's yard during the cold winter months. Birds also love the evergreen trees because they seek refuge in them when all other trees have lost their leaves.

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