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Earthworms Are Great

Many gardeners use earthworms for a variety of different reasons. Here are some interesting facts about these wiggly creatures that love the dark soil—many of these creatures, many of which you may have never seen before. Most are known as nightcrawlers. They need sun has gone down and is also known as the angleworm or the rain worm. They are used for fishing, and once the soil has absorbed too much water, it will leave to look for another home. Go looking for these after a nice rain. There are about one hundred and eighty varieties in the world, and of those, sixty are considered to be invasive in your garden or landscape areas. The nightcrawler is even of these species. Earthworms also do not have any lungs or other organs to help them breathe, so they breathe through their skin. How interesting! Another interesting fact about their skin is that it produced a lubricant that helps these critters move through the soil with great ease and helps keep these moist in the process. There are even species that can project this fluid inches away from itself. Fern plants are excellent to plant with rich soils.

Each worm is also both male and female and will mate with another on the soil’s surface. When the baby worms come out of the eggs, they will be very tiny and will reach maturity about a year after they are born. These worms usually live about two years, but some have even made it to eight years or more, depending on the conditions around them. Ones found in the United States can grow as large as fourteen inches, but some exotic species can be as large as ten feet long. These critters are perfect for composting and will break down and help get air and other nutrients in the mix necessary for making great compost. Give earthworms a try and see what you think!

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