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Driftwood Is Great for Aquariums

Driftwood Is Great for Aquariums

Posted by Dennis Sons on Oct 26, 2017

Driftwood is Great for Aquariums

Like any good design project, adding driftwood to your aquarium requires some planning to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Given the abundance of aquarium wood in many tank designs, great care is needed when adding such natural structures to mitigate any future adjustments. Major redesigns are be stressful to your fish, as they often involve taking apart the entire aquarium and starting over. With the proper planning, it can be done right the first time, and you can have a beautiful aquarium design with no need for future disturbance.

Adding aquarium wood to your tank provides an organic feel that can help bring your aquarium design to life. An online plant nursery is a great place to find quality aquarium wood for sale. When purchasing driftwood from an online plant nursery be sure to insure it is safe for aquariums. Some wood may look ideal but is designed exclusively for reptiles. These pieces contain harmful chemicals that can be fatal to fish. Also, avoid using wood you found yourself. Wood from outdoors may not have fully cured and is capable of rotting if submerged in water. This is why using an online plant nursery to purchase aquarium wood for sale is an ideal choice to insure your tank is designed safely and properly.

Another consideration is large pieces of wood retain buoyancy. Therefore, it is important to make sure your wood is properly secured by anchoring it with rocks and fishing line. And yet another thing to plan for is the quality wood gives to the water it is submerged in. Driftwood, when not soaked and scrubbed at great length, will color the water. This effect is ideal if you want your tank to simulate the black waters of the Amazon, and if you have fish from that region perhaps you do. But if you want your aquarium to be crystal clear, make sure to cure and soak your wood adequately to mitigate the tannins that discolor the water. You can also use chemical filters such as Purigen to clarify your water and give you the effect you desire.

In conclusion, before putting wood in your aquarium, draw it out beforehand. Consider how you want your finished aquarium to look by exploring different concepts on paper to create a personalized aquatic landscape. Through proper planning you can create your perfect design without disturbing your fish in the process.