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​Do It Yourself Landscaping In An A Affordable Way

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Do It Yourself Landscaping The Affordable Way

Creating a beautiful landscape or garden doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, nor does it require weeks of backbreaking work. Check out these fast, inexpensive, and painless options for bringing your yard to life with flowers and foliage.

Buy Bare-Root Plants

A bare root plant comes as a small, unassuming package with a handful of roots in peat moss, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. With a minimum of care, bare roots grow quickly and hardily; plant the roots one inch down, keep the soil a little bit moist, and do something else while they grow. You can buy bare roots for pretty perennials like lilies and dahlias, charming fillers like hostas, and even for a variety of large trees. Bare roots allow you to propagate your custom-designed garden and try new plants for far less than purchasing container plants.

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Buy Clearance Trees

When buying bare-root plants, a clearance sale on tree roots is a bargain hunter’s dream. Do you envision the vibrant blooms of red maple in your front yard? Or maybe you see a privacy hedge of delicate evergreen to replace that ugly old fence outback. Buy clearance trees and get the shade and beauty of these majestic favorites for less than the cost of a cup of designer coffee.

Starting with seeds takes a little more work than growing from bare roots, but it’s the most economical way to get plants going. If the season outside matches what the seeds need, just put them in the ground at the depth indicated by the instructions and water as needed. If the climate doesn’t yet agree with the seeds, germinate the seeds first in a pot and transplant them later.

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Do What the Wholesale Grower Says

Whether you choose to grow from seeds, bare roots, or a combination of the two, shop online from wholesale growers for the best deals. A wholesale grower can also advise on the types of plants that will thrive best in your climate, easy and cheap ways to improve your soil, and any number of tips to ensure you get your dream landscape with a minimum of cost and fuss.

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