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​Derive Your Own Rainbow

Derive Your Own Rainbow with Flowering Shrubs

You may not be knowledgeable about what exactly would be considered a “flowering shrub.” It almost sounds a bit drab. On the contrary, many shrubs produce a breathtaking array of colors throughout the year. They’re also super beneficial in any landscaping efforts you may choose to conquer. Flowering shrubs are suitable for setting boundaries or outlines in a residential setting. They’re also quite enjoyable for the local wildlife. Birds, rabbits, grasshoppers, and many others enjoy shrubs for an array of uses. To further exhibit the tenacity and underrated aesthetic of shrubbery, we’ve compiled the rainbow list of shrubs.


The Burning Bush shrub is a perfect fit for red in the rainbow. In the Fall, the Burning Bush will turn a flaming shade of red. Thus, the name. It’s also used in Chinese medicine to reduce swelling, promote menstruation, and aid in cleansing the blood of toxins. It’s prohibited in some regions of the Northeastern United States, so Massachusetts and New Hampshire are out.


The Flame Azalea’s large and showy clusters of fiery orange flowers will suit the shade of orange needed for the rainbow. This shrub is a larger plant, so make sure there’s plenty of room. Flame Azaleas will attract some beautiful birds to the area, but this shrub is absolutely a bad idea for most animals. It is poisonous when ingested for most animals and humans, so don’t go chewing on it!

Image result for flame azalea


The Golden Bell Forsythia is a stunning embodiment of the color yellow. You’ll know when spring is here! The Forsythia will burst into a vibrant array of yellow blooms from the beginning to the tip of every branch. You can even bring a couple of cuttings from the shrub indoors a bit earlier than that, and they will bloom into a beautiful bouquet in a few days.


Many shrubs could fit into this category at some point in their life cycle, but let’s focus on the Amur Privet Hedge. This shrub is probably the best fit to represent green in our rainbow as it is the most commonly used shrub for those clear-cut boundaries. These are the bushes you usually see cut into a very boxy shape while being used to hedge off private areas.

Image result for amur privet


The Blue Hydrangea Shrub is one of the most versatile in color, but we’ll use it for blue in our rainbow. The Blue Hydrangea is a wild soul in the way that it can fluctuate wildly in color. It usually depends on the soil’s acidity, but Hydrangeas can be anything from pink to blue, to violet depending on the type of soil they’re working with.

Image result for blue hydrangea


The Purple Wisteria flowering shrub works perfectly for the violet in our rainbow. The wispy ways of the Wisteria will add a thoughtful touch to any outdoor space. They’re stunning against the bright greens of spring. They’re great for ornamental uses along a wall or fence too!

Image result for purple wisteria

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