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Crepe Myrtle Plants

Posted by Garden Delights on Jun 02, 2014

Crepe Myrtles will look spectacular when added to gardens and also grown on lawns. These trees will add splendid color and brilliance to any area where they are added. These trees are great and can be kept to the desired height that the homeowner or gardener prefers.

There are a lot of varieties of crepe myrtle trees to choose. There are also lots of colors so the homeowner or gardener can find the perfect tree for their areas. These trees come in red, purple, pink, white and also a peppermint color just to name a few of the colors that they are available.

These trees will look great during the spring time and will burst with color. They will have their blooms at the tops of the tree, and they are very easy to spot when they are in bloom. They provide very bright flowers and will be loved by bees and a variety of birds. Most crepe myrtles will grow to be around 25 feet tall, but there are some that can grow to be a little bit taller and can be around 30 feet high. They will look brilliant and can become breathtaking during the spring months. Crepe Myrtles can also grow to be around 15 to 20 feet wide. These great trees do best in full sunlight and will also love moist soils that are well drained. These beautiful trees can also be seen growing throughout the summer months when the climates are right.

Online plant nurseries will offer an excellent selection of crepe myrtles to choose from when ordering from them. They also provide excellent information on planting and caring for these beautiful trees. A homeowner or gardener can get all planting and lighting information needed to help these trees grow to become healthy and great bloomers.