Crepe Myrtle Is Great In Landscaping

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on May 27, 2014

Want a plant with dual purposes? The Crepe Myrtle is a fast growing tree as well as can add value to one’s home in little time. With the hot summers throughout most of the United States, last summer, it left homeowners scrambling for some plant to plant that could endure the hot temperatures. Most homeowners can be left with a bare yard, in communities with water restrictions and dead plants.

Crepe myrtles thrive well in the hot temperatures. They grow well in full sun and seem to grow better in places where the summers are drier, and temperatures are hot longer. The best time to plant this tree is during dormancy, early spring or late fall. As it is young, keep it watered frequently until it gets established and then it is quite stable. This tree can bring a bountiful amount of color as it blooms, and when taken care of properly each branch can be home to three or more blooms at a time. The colorful blooms can vary from pink, dark red, white and deep pink to name a few. Pruning them after the leaves have fallen will allow a homeowner to see all of the branches and see where to cut correctly.

The downside to planting crepe myrtles are the fungus that they can be prone to, the diseases they can catch and the bugs that love eating the leaves. With proper knowledge and a little time spent on researching about your tree will allow one knowing how to take care of their tree properly. Many homeowners do not like the use of chemicals on their plants but sometimes it is just necessary to keep them healthy. With proper knowledge and a little time, one can have a gorgeous show with Crepe Myrtles.

They can be used to accent driveways and walkways. They can be planted in a flower garden or a natural area as a main piece. They have many uses to them one can even use the fresh blooms cut off and brought indoors to use in a vase. The blooms have a slight fragrant smell to them.

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