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​Creeping Phlox Ground Cover

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Jun 18, 2014

Creeping Phlox and Ground Cover

Many professional landscapers and homeowners like run into areas of a property that need something different from a shrub, flower garden, water feature, or fruit bearing tree. These areas are often found in areas that have soil that other plants have a hard time thriving. It could be due to the rocky soil, and the area has too much shade, or has drainage issues. Others might use ground cover to cover a slope or bank that does not offer a flat surface for your typical gardening. Then some people might use ground cover to line a walkway or to serve as a border of a flower garden. A simple, low cost and often inferior care option for these troubled areas are planting a ground cover. Plants that are considered to be ground cover are an excellent choice for areas that a typical plant just would not work for whatever reason.

A ground cover such as creeping phlox is an excellent choice for an area of a property that the soil is rocky or not the best option for other plants because it can grow over the terrain that is in that location. The creeping phlox is also an excellent option that can be used to cover an unsightly slope or bank. This ground cover needs to grow in the early spring months and then will produce almost a blanket effect of flowers in many different shades. Typically the creeping phlox produces flowers of different hues of pinks, purples, reds, blues and brilliant whites. This type of ground cover is very sturdy and is also low care. So it is great for someone looking for a plant that they can plant and forget about or to add to an area of the property like a natural area that they typically do not do a lot of gardening in. Since they are sturdy they can withstand the elements that mother nature is likely to put on them and because this particular type of ground cover is so thick it covers up unsightly bare spots or other eyesores.

Any ground cover to serve a practical purpose or just to add a bit more curb appeal to your property a ground cover is an excellent option to look.