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Creating A Lovely Spring Garden

Posted by Garden Delights Online Plant Nursery on Mar 25, 2014

Tips for a Lovely Spring Garden

Spring, the perfect time for flowers to bloom. Once the winter comes to an end, it is the best time to warm your green thumbs up again and instantly becomes a “Picasso” of a once snow-filled garden, which is now an empty canvass for your brilliant gardening ideas.

Getting Your Hands Dirty in the Garden

Before starting to plant new shrubs or even plow your soil, check your gardening equipment and see if it is still suitable for your tasks. Some of the equipment, which are made of metal might be a little rusty and might not be usable anymore, after keeping them for a long time. Prepare a checklist of the tools you need and make sure it is complete to save your time from having to go back and forth your garage or the hardware shop for the missing ones.

If a few of the plants have made past the winter season, begin pruning them to allow better growth of healthy buds into flowers. If you have trees in your yard, you must also prune the dead branches from it after the first spring growth. Start pulling weeds from the soil before they start spreading in your garden.

Pick your spring plants carefully. Before choosing plants on early spring, be sure to pick plants that can withstand a little frost. If trees are on your checklist, choose fruit-bearing trees that not only add up color to your garden, but also supply your home with delicious fruits. It is also best to do a soil test before planting new shrubs; this will ensure that the flowers are in perfect condition when they bloom.

Maintenance in the Garden

After finishing all the dirty work in the garden, and you have successfully picked the right spring plants, proper care and routine maintenance is required to make sure your garden is filled with lovely spring plants and flowers. Make sure the soil is well fertilized to provide the plants with enough nutrition they need. Spring is the most suitable time to build a compost pit; with all your plants expected to bloom during this season, you can expect that many of them will be decomposing, and use can use them for next spring. Start mowing the lawn regularly for a beautiful contrast of greens and may different colors in your garden.

Different people have different styles. Apply your creativity in the garden and watch the flowers bloom from it. Follow these simple tips to have a lovely spring garden.

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