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​Creating A Hillside Rock Garden

Most homeowners have a gradual slope to their yard. It may be an eyesore to you, but you can transform it into something truly magical and beautiful. Rock gardens are becoming increasingly popular and will turn that unsightly place into something very visually striking and eye-catching. You will want to combine several things, including plants, boulders, and even steps, to create a great look. Follow these steps to successfully turn this part of your landscape into one of your favorite parts. Using stones that are different lengths will give the area a more naturalized look. Make sure they have a flat and smooth surface and that they are firmly placed. You will also want to leave some pockets to plants flowers and plants in between. Also, using riprap or large chunks of rock will help the soil stay in place. Erosion can be a problem on a slope, and rocks will help maintain the composition of the soil. The steeper the incline is, the closer you will want to place the rocks. Ensure to leave some spaces for planting flowers and plants to soften the area just a little bit. Boulders can also add an effect. Just make sure not to get ones that are too big or too small. The size will depend on the area that you are working with. Add them to your yard for color and texture to the area, for some great color and texture, and add some flowering perennials such as lavender or salvia. These will do wonders in making the area very colorful and giving it some depth and texture. Adding some small trees and shrubs is also a great idea. Some great ones to choose from are dwarf hemlocks or dwarf cypress. Another great choice is the Japanese Maple. For some shrubs, look at Japanese Holly and dwarf junipers. Additionally, add some small but colorful perennials not to have to keep planting them each year. Try Moonbeam, thyme, and primroses.

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