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Create A Fall Landscape Scene

Add to the beautiful fall colors of your lawn a display of vibrant mum plants and autumn-inspired accessories. A lovely autumn scene like this will transform your home into a fall showcase you’ll be proud of. Here are some charming ideas for creating outside fall landscape trees.

Mum Plants

The main feature of your autumn scene will be your mum’s plants. You can buy mums in various colors and sizes at an online nursery for less than a retail outlet. For an eye-catching display, buy mums in a variety of fall colors that complement the outside decor of your house.

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You can plant your mums or leave them in their pots for your fall landscape. If you decide to plant your mums, you’ll get the most out of them if you choose groups of mums according to their bloom time and length of fall in your area. Not only are mums beautiful, but they’re also very hardy plants. Most mum plants can withstand a light frost. A plant nursery has lots of tips also for keeping your mums fresh.

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Fall Landscape Scene

This first fall display idea will be for potted mums. Decide on the outside area where you want to create your fall scene. Place a few hay bales in this area—stack two side by side and one on top to form a pyramid shape. Place your mum plants on the top and around the hay bales. Make a scarecrow to stick behind the bales. Use corn stalks to add balance by placing them on each side of your scarecrow. Complete your fall display by adding rustic lanterns throughout it.

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This next autumn display idea is for a landscape with planted mums. Place hay bales behind your mum’s plants. Place a potted mum on top of your bale of hay for height. Make a scarecrow to stick in your mum’s plants. Use corn stalks to add decorative fall touches by sticking them throughout your mums and bail of hay. Place lanterns on each side of your mum’s plant on the bale of hay for an eye-catching autumn scene. English Ivy also makes an excellent green backdrop for those vibrant fall colors.

Now that you’ve created your outdoor fall scene don’t forget to decorate your home’s porch, sidewalks, and stairs. Adding mums and a few autumn props to these areas will tie the look of your outdoor fall decorating together. Also, remember there are some great colors in fast-growing trees like red maples, silver maple, and sugar maple trees in autumn.

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