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Container Gardens Are A Hot New Trend

Posted by Garden Delights on Jun 04, 2014

Add a container to your garden for a colorful look. A container garden can be made in any shape and size that a homeowner or gardener will want. It looks gorgeous when grown and will become very beautiful with flowering perennials and vines added to it. Use any container as long as there is drainage, so the soils do not stay too moist. These types of gardens will also need to water every day especially on the hot days of spring and summer. Use imagination and containers can be anywhere in the garden. Decorate old stumps that may be in the yard and the containers placed right on top of them.

Some mulch and other materials such as pine needles used and will add a great look to the garden. A border can be created from just about anything that the homeowner wants to use. Rocks and the cement edging are both great ways to make a border and are very inexpensive when it comes to cost. Container gardens can also personalize with garden stakes and also with pots painted by each family member with their own unique designs. Just let the imagination run wild when planning a beautiful container garden.

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