Composting Made Easy

Posted by Garden Delights on Sep 23, 2014

Composting is not a difficult thing to do. It is basically taking all of your table scraps, old leaves and anything that will break down to make a good fertilizer for your plants and gardens. A compost pit can be built just by simply placing some post into the ground and wrapping some chicken wire around them. The items such as leaves that are raked out of the yard can be placed inside of this and also all the table scraps. Once they start to break down, other items can also be added. A compost pile will also need to stir around so that everything will be able to break down and create wonderful fertilizer to make the soils in your gardens very rich. Stir or mix it once a week because it will become wet during rainy days and will only dry out on the outside if it is not stirred and turned over. A home owner can have as many compost bins as they need. 

compOne may work if it is going to be only used for a flower garden or smaller area. A larger compost bin can be built to supply compost to a larger garden area. Also, those old plants that are pulled up after they are finished blooming during the spring and summer can also be added to the compost pile. Grass that is raked up from the lawn and weeds that are pulled up are also great items to add. The compost pile may also need to have water added if it does not rain a lot. Water will help break down the compost pile along with the sunshine, and it will dry out and will make an outstanding fertilizer that can be used. It is a great way to create fertilizer without using any harsh chemicals. If the pile is not stirred or turned over in the compost bin, it will not all rot and become fertilizer. Also adding mulch to the pile of compost will also help it rot and turn into great compost for lawns and gardens.