​Choosing the Hardiest Plants for landscape

​Choosing the Hardiest Plants for landscape

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 19, 2019

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Choosing the Hardiest Plants for Your Landscaping

A landscape with the aura of unique foliage and flowers sets the tone for quiet relaxation and beautiful view, and hardy landscape plants are aesthetically pleasing, useful, and ecologically valuable for landscaping. Landscapers can depend on these plants knowing that they will grow and blossom with minimal intervention. Here are hardiest plants for your garden.

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Oak Trees

The oak is culturally a symbol of strength and endurance, and it is the national tree of the United States. Oaks, also known as deciduous broadleaf trees, are hardy trees with a very long lifespan and grow to 100 feet high with a spread of 150 feet. Oak trees are available in different types, which include white oaks, black oaks, and red oaks. In addition to being attractive, the deciduous trees are also extremely functional and require little maintenance. They also adjust well to different weather conditions and are free from diseases and pests. These are several reasons why most landscapers include oaks in their landscaping.

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Maple trees are in a class of their own and have eye-catching foliage. Adding to the beauty of the maples is the fact that one does not need a severe green thumb to maintain them in their landscape. They are easy to grow, resistant to diseases and insect infestation as well tolerant of poor soil and climatic conditions. Maple tree types include sugar maple, Japanese maple, and red maple. They grow to a height of roughly 60 feet and are a suitable choice for landscapers who want to add charm and color to green spaces.

Tulip Poplar

The tulip poplar tree is among the hardiest trees in the world and is extremely desirable for landscapers looking to infuse their landscapes with beauty and shade. The tree has bright green, unusually shaped leaves and lovely foliage color that makes it very attractive. It is a suitable choice for new landscape owners because it is easy to care for and have a fast growth rate. The tree also has a long life and thrives in warm conditions.

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Woody Perennials

Woody perennials are of different types that include apple, banana, apple and pine trees. They need minimum care and are easy to plant. When planted in the right soil type and climate condition, they can grow and blossom thus making your yard look beautiful. These unique characteristics make them a popular pick for most landscapers.

Native Ferns

Native ferns can withstand extreme soil and climatic conditions, and they, therefore, grow in almost any region. In addition to their fast growth rate, the ferns are virtually pest and disease-free and can provide a range of heights and textures, which create an elegant shade-garden collage. They also restore landscapes and promote land stewardship and biodiversity. Examples of ferns include lady fern, royal fern, maidenhair fern, sensitive fern, and ostrich fern.

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