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Caring For A Fruit Tree

Posted by Garden Delights on Sep 08, 2014

Many home gardeners find that fruit trees are invaluable to their landscape or garden. They give a show when in bloom and can provide a wide variety of fruit to enjoy. It can make going to the local grocery store for fruit much less expensive, and also tastier. Fruit that is fresh picked will have a much better taste that fruit that has been picked, shipped and then sold at the grocery store. The home grown fruit can also be higher in nutritional value than they fruit you buy. Which fruit do you want to grow? Make sure that you choose fruit trees that will do well in your area. Keep in mind that most fruit trees generate the fruit when temperatures are below 45 degrees, the area can accommodate the fruit trees you select. When planting your trees after you have selected them, you will need to plant in the area that gets a minimum of six to seven hours of full sunlight each day. You will also want to plant them, with the future in mind, at least several feet from any buildings, driveways, sidewalks, etc. And also allow for sufficient room between the trees if you want the maximum fruit to produce. What type of soil that the tree prefers? Most fruit trees prefer rich, moist soil with good drainage in order to thrive. Fruit trees also need some maintenance. Each fruit tree requires different things, but all fruit trees need pruning. They also require fertilizing and mulching near the base and not near the bark or trunk however. Allow a few inches next to the trunk of the tree. When pruning, it is usually only necessary to remove the dead or damaged branches. However, since every tree is different, your local nursery can provide insight on how to prune. Watch for any pests or diseases that can affect your tree. Again, your local nursery is a valuable source of information. With a little maintenance, you can enjoy the fruit from your fruit tree for years to come.