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Buy Trees Wholesale

Buy Trees Wholesale

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 11, 2019

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The Benefits of Buying Trees Wholesale

Purchasing trees can be an overwhelming task. You may be looking to landscape your yard, or you may be in the landscaping business. Buying wholesale trees and shrubs can help you keep your costs down. Low grower prices help to keep the cost lower when you are buying in bulk.

Depending on the grower, markup can range from 80% retail to 200% retail. Grower prices take into consideration marketing, overhead, and transportation of the product. Some growers offer pricing deals. Usually, these deals are "The More You Buy, The Bigger The Percentage Off the Total Cost." 80% of retail is a more attractive price point for people looking to purchase wholesale trees.

When you purchase your trees in bulk, bare root trees may appear dead. They are not dead. Bare root trees are dormant. This is the state in which your trees will be when they are shipped to you. You also have the option of picking up your trees. This can help you save on cast.

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If you want to check to see if your plants are alive, a scratch test will show whether your trees are dead or alive. When you scratch your tree the inside should be green. If it is brown, then it is gone. Trees bought from a wholesale grower may have different warranty lengths. Be sure to know what the warranty before you purchase them.

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Grower direct purchases are when the grower sells the trees directly to customers. A business to business wholesaler purchases trees from nurseries. These business to business sellers may purchase from multiples growers. You will need to decide between direct grower distributors or the large business distributors when you are buying your trees in bulk.

Buying your trees in bulk may make your order more affordable. You can choose from container grown trees or trees that were raised, dug up, and then shipped to a wholesale distributor or directly to you. Wholesalers carry larger trees than a business buying from a grower.

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