​Bugs That Are Beneficial

Posted by Tammy Sons on Sep 11, 2015

We all know as gardeners that there are bugs and insects that can be hurtful to your plants and flowers; what you may not have known is that there are bugs and insects that can be beneficial to your plants and flowers as well.

It’s not many, but here are just a few bugs and insects that can help your plants and flowers to continue to be grow and be healthy.

The Green Lacewig feeds off plants drinking honeydew, nectar and pollen. But the real benefit of the Green Lacewig is that it keeps the population of other bugs and insects down. It basically takes care of the nasty bugs that are harmful to your plants.

The Praying Mantids, like the green Lacewig, is a bug that kills and keeps the population of other bugs down. Mantids kills bugs and insects quickly. It kills the larvae of other insects and attacks caterpillars. Basically, Mantids are like the lions of the insect world. They are predators who take no mercy on other bugs.

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, not all beetles are bad. The ground beetle is the perfect example of that. They kill cutworms, maggots and flies which are probably the most harmful to plants. They also help vegetables grow.

When you think of a pirate, you normally think of swashbuckler, well the same can be said for pirate bugs. They not only keep the bug and insect population down, but they are perfect for house and garden plants.

Image result for bugs on plants      Image result for bugs on plants

Syrphid flies kind of look like bees. In fact if you didn’t know the difference between the two, you’d think it was a bee. Another similarity between Syrphid and bees is that they pollinate flowers which can help with the growth of flowers.

A job of an assassin is to basically take care of business; normally by killing something. Well, that’s the job of the Assassin Bugs. They kill other bugs, help with the pollination of plants and help with reproduction. Be careful around them though because they do bite.

The Predatory bugs or the good garden bugs are just that; good for your plants. Their main job is to kill bugs like beetles, grubs, caterpillars. Now, they aren’t the cutest looking bugs (but how many bugs are), but they are very helpful to your garden.

Wasp are also very helpful. That may come as a surprise because Wasp are consider pesky insects because they sting people, but in the plant world they are extremely helpful. Wasp takes care of aphids and cutworms and they increase the soil aeration and filtration. So before you decide to kill that wasp nest near your house, you may want to take in consideration how helpful they are to your plants and flowers.

Last but certainly not least, are bubble bees. We all know that bees have always been helpful in the pollination of flowers, but they are also known to kill other bugs like a lot of the other bugs and insects on this list.

Insects and bugs have always played a part in either in plants destruction or growth, the key is knowing what bugs and insects are helpful to them. Not every bug you see on your plants or flowers is bad. A lot of them in fact are good for your plants and help their growth.

But you have to be aware too of what bugs and insects are good for them as well and know when to take action if needed.

Before you decide whether or not this bug is harmful to your plants are flowers, do your research and ask questions before you do unnecessary harm to your plants and flowers.