Blue Wisteria

Posted by Garden Delights Online Plant Nursery on Apr 09, 2014

Wisteria Plants Are Lovely & Weeping With Blooming Cascades

Turn your porch, backyard, pathway, or outdoor entertainment space into a romantic living space with the weeping, botanical shade, perfumed scents, and cascading, flowery vines of the Wisteria plant. Wisteria is a member of the pea family and grows in either tree or single trunk form. Both the tree and the single trunk form boast vigorous, beautiful, fragrant draping blooms of pink, white, lilac-blue, or purple flowers in the Spring and can grow up to 10 feet or more in a single year. The most common forms of this plant include Chinese, Japanese, and Amethyst Falls.


The Chinese vine is a woody, twining vine that climbs up tree trunks etc. in a clockwise direction. The vine is smooth, grayish brown with fine white hairs. The leaves of the vine are egg shaped with tapering tips. It flowers, seeds, and fruits in April and blooms beautiful cascading clusters of 6-12 lavender to purple flowers. It grows well in a variety of soils, but thrives best in deep, loamy, well-drained soil. This is a great vine to climb trees, shrubs, and man-made structures.


The Japanese vine is a woody, thin twining vine that climbs tree trunks in a counter-clockwise direction. The leaves of the vine are egg shaped with strong tapering tips. It flowers, seeds, and fruits in April producing purple to blue in color flowers. Flowers open from the base to the tip and cascade 1-3 ft in length with .06-.07 long flowers on 0.6-0.8 long stalks. It prefers full sun, but will continue to grow in partial shade. Preferred soil is deep, loamy, well-drained soil, but will still grow in a variety of soils. This a great vine for climbing shrubs, trees, and man-made structures.

Amethyst Falls

The Amethyst falls is cousin to both the Chinese and Japanese vines, but requires less pruning. And, while most vines can take up to 10 years to begin flowering, this vine begins flowering at year one. Like its cousins, the Amethyst Falls blooms clusters of lavender-blue flowers, but cascades in a waterfall fashion, hence its name. This vine is perfect for attracting birds, bees, butterflies, and countless species of hummingbird, because of its unique scent. 

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