Blue Ridge Blueberry Plants

Posted by Garden Delights on May 29, 2014

The Blue Ridge Blueberry bush will bring a unique combination of beauty to your garden all year long. It bears small fruits and is a year round ornamental beauty when added to any garden and landscape. The Blue Ridge Blueberry is very easy to grow, and it requires minimal to no care. Just follow a few simple steps, and you will ensure the success of your blueberry plant.

First you need to select a sunny location for your bushes. This area also needs to have well drained soils that are free of weeds, and the area should have a source of irrigation readily available for the best possible results. If you do not have a good place in your yard, Blue Ridge Blueberry bushes will also do well in containers. Blueberry bushes prefer acidic soils, as a fail safe way of growing your blueberry bushes you should always incorporate peat moss into your planting soil.

Blue Ridge Blueberry bushes can grow as close as 2 feet apart. With them, this close you can create a solid row of blueberry bushes. But if you want them to grow individually then only plant them about 6 -8 feet apart to allow room for getting around the plant with lawn mowers and other equipment.

After you have successfully planted, your Blue Ridge Blueberry will begin to flower and fruit during June. Blueberries taste sweeter when they are left on the bush. You should pick the fruit 3-7 days after it turns completely blue all the way around the round fruit. There are many ways one can use blueberries ranging from cobblers, pies and jams.